A Life Skills course
cleverly camouflaged as a magic class!

Now also offering virtual learning classes and courses!  Each W.O.W. class is fun, engaging, fun, educational, fun, professional, fun, safe…and did we say fun?!

Darrel Barrie and his team have been awarded the exclusive rights to teach the Discover Magic educational program in the South Jersey area.  This international program is specially designed to teach key life skills to students ages 8-13 through the process of learning to perform magic.  These courses were created by international award-winning magician and educator Michael Ammar and his creative team after twenty years of research.

For more information about Discover Magic
please visit www.discovermagic.com and find a class near you.

There are four courses –
Purple Wand, Green Wand, Orange Wand, and Blue Wand courses.

Additionally, we can provide a school assembly that we call One Day Wonder.  Each 1DW is S.T.E.M. compliant with loads of fun and education –  Darrel will keep their attention the entire time!

Finally, we can provide a Magic Workshop where Darrel will not only entertain and educate, he will teach the students three awesome tricks and give them the equipment necessary to perform each trick.

  • School Assemblies
  • After-School programs
  • Workshops
  • Summer Camps

Please contact us directly for more information.